Learn About Injury
and Trauma

Your child is not alone. Every year millions of US children are injured. Most do well.
Prescription for a full recovery: Take care of pain and physical healing AND pay attention to emotional needs.
Red flags: When stress reactions last more than 1 month or get in the way of recovery, get extra support.

When an accident or injury causes
overwhelming feelings of fear, helplessness, or
horror, it can lead to more than just everyday
stress reactions—it can lead to traumatic stress.

In the first few days after an injury, nearly all children feel upset, jumpy or worried at times. These traumatic stress reactions usually start to get better within a few weeks. If these feelings persist for a month or more and interfere with daily life, this may be considered post traumatic stress in children. MORE > 

What worries you about your
child’s reactions?

Read more about traumatic stress reactions and other concerns that some children and families experience after injury. READ MORE >