Rate Your Child's
How is Your Child Doing?

Use our Quick Quiz to help you gauge your child’s emotional recovery and identify any signs of traumatic stress that might need special attention.

If you want to learn more: Create a personalized Care Plan to help you help your child.



father helps child recover after injury PHOTO

As you think about how to help your child, try
to separate what you are feeling from your
child's experiences and needs.

girl feels upset after injury PHOTO

Feeling upset or jumpy should get better over the first month. If reactions are severe or go on too long, they can get in the way of your child’s recovery.

How to rate your child's reactions
-The best way: Involve your child in completing the quiz with you.
-Come back and rate again in a week or two - to make sure that things are getting better over time.   TAKE OUR QUICK QUIZ >