Find Ways to Help
Your Child Recover

Self Care

Re-experiencing Traumatic Events

worried mom with child in hospital

In addition to all the things you do to help your child, it's very important to take good care of yourself.

It is harder to help your child if you are feeling really worried, upset, or overwhelmed.


Other parents have said:

           "I can't stop thinking about what happened."
           "I get upset when something reminds me of it."
           "I worry a lot more now about my child being safe."

This section has information on some of the reactions you may notice in yourself.

Re-experiencing Traumatic Events

I think a lot about what happened to my child

Why it happens: Thinking and talking about what happened, especially in the first few days and weeks, is part of how we help ourselves recover from a scary experience or traumatic event.

Is this a problem?: Do thoughts about the traumatic event often pop into your mind even when you don't want them to? Do the thoughts bother or upset you?

I have had bad dreams or nightmares since the injury

Why it happens: In a stressful time, it's not unusual to have a few bad dreams.

Is this a problem?: Are the nightmares interfering with getting a good night's sleep?

I get upset or have physical symptoms (headache, stomachache, heart beating fast) at reminders of what happened

Why it happens: When something scary happens, we learn to treat things connected to it as if they were danger signals. Sights, sounds, and even smells can be reminders.

Is this a problem?: Do these feelings happen nearly every day? Do they make it hard for you to relax, or to concentrate on things you have to do at home or at work?